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9 Surprising Benefits of Chasteberry

Move over ginseng, echinacea, and Ginkgo biloba, there’s a new herbal remedy in town: Chasteberry (aka Vitex agnus castus), a small, dark-colored berry from a shrub called the chaste tree, which is found mainly in Asia and the Mediterranean.

Chasteberry contains a variety of natural medicinal properties that make it one of the most powerful women’s health supplements on the market.

Wondering if this coveted berry is right for you? Here are nine surprising benefits of chasteberry to keep in mind:

1. May Provide PMS Support

If you ask us, one of the most surprising benefits of chasteberry is that its flavonoid compounds can help soothe the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Yup, it’s true — studies have shown that this herbal supplement may help support healthy levels of hormones, including:

  • Prolactin
  • Progesterone
  • Estradiol

Maintaining healthy hormone levels may help ease PMS symptoms. This is because your estrogen and progesterone levels work together to regulate your menstrual cycle. In fact, you can even thank these hormones for your discomfort around the time of menstruation.

So, if you’re looking for some temporary relief during your period, we suggest opting for a supplement like #Mood Pills, a feel-good supplement that features organic chasteberry for total cycle support and PMS relief.*

We just want to add here that if you experience extreme signs of PMS, there could be greater issues at play, such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). If you experience any of the following around your period, you should contact your primary healthcare provider for medical advice:

  • Irregular periods
  • Extreme cramping
  • Extreme breast tenderness
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Migraines

2. May Support a Healthy Mood

Chasteberry may be a natural mood booster as well! When taken as a supplement, it may support healthy dopamine levels, which in turn work to support energy and concentration. In other words, it might help stabilize your mood, which can lead to improved productivity during the day, as well!

That’s not all, though; chasteberry can also help you relax in general, both physically and emotionally. This is one of our favorite benefits — after all, who doesn’t want more zen in their life?

3. May Support Better Sleep Quality

If better sleep quality is what you need, chasteberry can help with that, too. Because this dietary supplement can help support your hormones, it may also reduce menopausal symptoms or symptoms related to hormone imbalances, which can include night sweats and hot flashes.

Because of this, taking chasteberry may help you get more restful and high-quality sleep. Not only can this make you feel better, but it can also support your energy throughout the day — what’s not to love?

Pro Tip: For an extra boost of sleep magic, we recommend Sleeping Beauty. This dreamy formula combines natural ingredients to help relax and calm your mind so you can fall into a restful sleep, leaving you drowsy-free the next day.*

4. May Reduce Irritation and Swelling

Believe it or not, chasteberry may also have properties to help ease irritation and soothe tension. The main active constituent in this supplementary berry — iridoid glycosides — is believed to ease irritation and swelling throughout the body and improve overall health.

5. May Support Skin Health

Another surprising benefit that chasteberry offers is its ability to support healthy skin! It contains antioxidant properties, which can help support cellular health when you’re exposed to free radicals. As a result, this can help prevent your skin from developing visible signs of sun damage, like wrinkles or age spots on the skin’s surface.

Pro Tip: On a mission to achieve a radiant complexion? Try Clear Skin Probiotics — a skin-loving supplement made with probiotics and herbs like chasteberry that support the appearance of healthy skin texture.*

6. May Provide Fertility Support

For those trying to get pregnant, chasteberry may also provide some assistance. It may help support healthy levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which both play an important role in ovulation and fertility. This can work to support your reproductive health as a whole.

Plus, chasteberry can help support healthy levels of progesterone, which is the main hormone that governs the last half of a woman’s menstrual cycle. This half is also called the luteal phase, and luteal phase defects can lead to instances of infertility.

Low levels of progesterone can also contribute to painful periods, mood swings, and other symptoms of PMS. It’s no surprise that many women can struggle to get in the mood when their mood feels unsteady and their body is in pain. Because of this, it’s possible that chasteberry may inadvertently support sexual desire, which can support fertility.

While the research is inconclusive here, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that the health benefits of chasteberry may support fertility. Just make sure to take a break from it once you are pregnant — chasteberry is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

7. May Support Breast Health

In addition to potential reproductive benefits, chasteberry might be able to support optimal breast tissue thanks to its phytoestrogen content!

Phytoestrogens are plant-based substances that mimic hormones like estrogen in the body. When consumed, they can bind to estrogenreceptors, where they can support blood flow and tissue formation within the breasts.

Plus, chasteberry supplements may support healthy prolactin levels. Prolactin is a hormone produced in your pituitary gland that helps stimulate lactation in those who are pregnant.

While this is helpful for those who are breastfeeding, it can lead to breast pain and tenderness even in women who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding. When this occurs regularly near your period, this is also referred to as cyclic mastalgia.

8. May Support Digestive Health

Chasteberry can help support your digestive health, too! This supplement is known to have a positive effect on digestion, which can, in turn, help your gut absorb nutrients.

Not only that, but scientists say that it may even help support overall digestive comfort. So if you’re looking for some natural relief from digestive woes, chasteberry could be just what you need.

Pro Tip: For ultimate gut health support, we recommend our Essential Gut Duo. In this bundle, you’ll find our innovative prebiotic and probiotic formula, as well as a fiber-based supplement that supports normal detoxification for digestion, immunity, and overall health.*

9. May Support Mental Clarity

Having mental clarity can be a great feeling! And if you’re looking for an all-natural way to get there, chasteberry is here to help, thanks to its adaptogenic qualities.

What are adaptogens, you ask? In short, they are powerful plants that can support cognitive function by helping your body and mind adapt better to stressors like physical exertion or environmental changes.

Needless to say, chasteberry is the bee’s knees when it comes to mental clarity. You can also add to the benefits of chasteberry with our Big Brain Probiotics. This smart formula contains a powerful blend of probiotics and nootropics to help support cognitive health.*

The Bottom Line

Chasteberry is truly one of nature’s most versatile remedies; not only does it offer numerous potential benefits, but it’s also all-natural! If you’re looking for a way to support your hormonal balance, brain function, stress levels, antioxidant protection, or even just give your skin an extra bit of TLC — chasteberry might just be the answer!

While side effects of Vitex are rare, we always recommend consulting with your primary care provider before incorporating it into your diet.

At Love Wellness, we’re here to support all of your goals with expert-backed products that nurture your body from the inside out. Whether you’re looking for gut, vaginal, skin, or brain support, you can always count on us to have just what you need to feel your best.

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