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National Nutrition Month – Get Started to Eat Right!

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics promotes National Nutrition Month* and we love that they do this.  Just when the weather is getting better and many of us are getting more active, it is also a great time to also think about feeding our bodies in a more healthy way.

Here at The Dinner Daily, our goal is to make it easier for busy people and families to eat better dinners more affordably, and hearing what the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals has to say about eating right is music to our ears.

For this years National Nutrition Month they have week-by-week suggestions for getting on the path towards eating right, and we’d like to highlight what they are and help spread the word.

Their week one message is “Eat a Variety of Nutritious Foods Everyday”.   We love this one because it is what we try to achieve in each and every one of our member’s weekly meal plans.  Since our members choose the foods they want to each, the variety on their menus is under their control, but we still try to mix it up and make sure they are getting a menu filled with lots of colorful vegetables, and are enjoying new flavors that they might otherwise have not tried.

Here is an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics graphic with the key messages for week one of National Nutrition Month:

The Dinner Daily helps our members with all but one of these (the Hydrate healthfully is up to you!)  Since our meal plans utilize whole foods and fresh foods from the grocery store perimeter as much as possible,  our members’ dinners always include healthful foods from different food groups.   We do a lot of the Nutrition Panel reading and Portion control work for our members by creating meal plans that only use healthy foods and by providing recipes that result in healthy portions which fall within suggested levels for calories, fats and other major nutrients.

Taking time to enjoy your food is so important and we have written here many times about the documented benefits of enjoying home cooked meals with other family members.  It is our goal to take the stress out of planning and preparing meals, so that you can take the time to enjoy your food.

None of these National Nutrition Month messages for week one are groundbreaking, but rather they are helpful reminders of what we all should strive for.  And of course none of us can do all of them every meal, every week, but if we keep these things in mind and utilize the helpful tools that are available to us, its not impossible at all to “eat right”.

*National Nutrition Month is a registered trademark of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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